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Henley Boone (Chloe)
Chloe Boone
Mother Susan
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Henley Boone, also known as Chloe is Haplin's newest town member. Although she says she is drawn to Haplin by the fond memories of her recently deceased mother, who vacationed there, and is going to use her inheritance to open a candle shop in the town, it becomes apparent by the end of Episode 1 she is on a mission.

Season 1[]

Henley gets of the Train to meet Miranda Kirby who she will be staying with, as she gets in the car Miranda asks why she has decided to come to Haplin she explains that her mother would vacation here. then Henley asks why it smells so nice and Miranda explains its because of the Bread Factory "Our Daily" she also wants to open a candle shop with her inheritance money. We also find her real name is Chloe and her Dead mother is not dead after all. She came to find something in Happy Town ("in this home on ice").