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Rachel Conroy
Rachel Conroy
Employee at "Our Daily"
Tommy Conroy - Husband Emma Conroy - Daughter Sheriff Griffin Conroy - Father in Law
Portrayed by

Another Haplin lifer, Rachel is Tommy's better half. An employee at the Daily Bread. Rachel is as smart as she is beautiful. As Tommy's life changes with more responsibilities, so does Rachel's. And in Tommy's quest for the truth, Rachel finds herself more involved with the mystery of The Magic Man than she ever imagined.

Season 1[]

Rachel cooks breakfast for Emma Conroy before she goes to school and Tommy Conroy before he goes off to his boat ride. Rachel has been thinking about moving to California but her Family disagrees "In this home on ice"

She's kidnapped by the Magic Man in "Polly Want a Crack at Her," Making her become the 8th victim of the Magic Man. She is returned the episode later. She states that she does not know what happened, saying that she only remembers being in Thaw Festival then being in the Tub.